President of the Jury
Team Advisor

Frederic de Vos shares the stage with the biggest stars, the most beautiful girls, famous sportsmen or politicians.
He is a presenter / host of numerous shows and events, beauty pageants and debates, readings and openings, cycling races, concerts and festivals.
Frederic is appreciated for being correct and professional with style and charm, with a joke where possible and serious where necessary.
As a showmaster, he presents around the world, including shows in Fiji and China to millions of television viewers.
Frederic had his first radio program when he was 12 years old. At the age of 15 he was on stage as an actor.
Later stylish mannequin & modeling assignments were added and he was also a valued TV news anchor for many years.
He combines all this with a job in the business world or with the government. As a Protocolman he has supervised numerous ministers and Filip and Mathilde.
He is editor-in-chief of a socio-cultural magazine and was known for many years as a PR man behind the name recognition of Willy Naessens, where he is still responsible for organizing events.
As a UCI driver, Frederic will participate in the race.
This centipede was awarded an honorary title in his city of Oudenaarde in 2016.
In 2020 he started a limousine project and in 2021 his first book will be ready.