Kurt van Tigchelt & Sandra Luyten


My name is Sandra, Kurt’s wife and co-founder of Models International. Together we had a dream to create something new together. Because of being active in the modelling world for a couple of years in an organisational role and as hairdresser, the time was right to make a next move. The brainstorming began and Models International was born. I’m a self-employed hairdresser for 26 years and owner of a salon in Baarle Nassau (Dioné).  I’m 46 years of age and proud mother of 2 daughters Nina en Nori and a stephson Pieter-Jan. Models International is a challenge for us to continue where other competitions stop. We will make sure that this adventure will be one to never forget.

I’m Kurt, Sandra’s husband and co-founder of Models International. In my daily life I’m a freelance business advisor(KVT Consulting). In my free time I’m a super proud father of my son, Pieter-Jan and my 2 stephdaughters Nina and Nori.

My role in Models International is mainly organisational and supporting.⁠